19 December 2006

PATE and MONTGOMERY connections by Bill Navey

Two of Allen MONTGOMERY's sons married into the Cherokee County, NC PATE family. Bill Navey's Family Tree Maker site hasn't been updated since 2000, but it provides some valuable clues to relationships between the two families. It is available | here |.

14 October 2006

A chronology for Allen MONTGOMERY (1794-1879) of Cherokee Co, NC


Parents: David MONTGOMERY, (W4039) and Margaret ALLEN
Life Range: 28 Feb 1794 - 26 May 1879

  • 1804 Jul 6 Spouse: NC, Burke Co. Susannah LARGENT. Born in Burke Co, NC. Died in Aug 1884 in Cherokee Co, NC.
  • 1823 Sep 3 Marriage: NC, Burke Co. Susannah LARGENT. in Burke Co, Montgomery, Allin [married]Largent, Susannah Sep 3, 1823 James Kincaid [bondsman] None [witness]
  • 1824 Feb 20 Son born (#1): NC, Burke Co. William MONTGOMERY. Born in Burke Co, NC.
  • 1825 Dec 27 Son born (#2): NC, Burke Co. John M. MONTGOMERY. Born in Burke Co, NC. Died about 1905 in Cherokee Co, NC.
  • 1827 Oct 6 Daughter born (#3): NC, Burke Co. Temperance "Tempy" MONTGOMERY. born in Burke Co, NC. Died 12 Apr 1912 in Rhea Co, TN.
  • 1829 Nov 24 Son born (#4): NC, Burke Co. Isaac T. MONTGOMERY. Born in Burke Co, NC. Died 1 Aug 1863.
  • 1834 Jan 6 Son born (#6): NC, Burke Co. Waightsill Avery MONTGOMERY. Born in Burke Co, NC. Died 30 Mar 1908 in Durant (Indian Territory), Bryan Co, OK.
  • 1834 Apr Death of Father: NC, Burke Co. David MONTGOMERY, (W4039).
  • 1835 Sep 15 Son born (#7): NC, Burke Co. Alfred Clingman "Alf" MONTGOMERY. Born in Burke Co, NC. Died 22 Jan 1916 in Erlanger Hospital, Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, TN.
  • 1836 Apr 6 Daughter born (#8): NC, Burke Co. Mary Ann MONTGOMERY. Born in Burke Co, NC. Died 8 Oct 1891 in Rockwood, Roane Co, TN.
  • 1840 Dec 18 Son born (#10): NC, Burke Co. E. Elijah A. MONTGOMERY. Born in Burke Co, NC. Died 8 Jun 1928 in Shoal Creek, Cherokee County, NC, USA.
  • 1841 Migration: NC, Burke Co. to Cherokee County, NC .
  • 1841 Tax: North Carolina, Caldwell County.
  • 1842 Aug 16 Son born (#11): NC, Cherokee Co. David Washington MONTGOMERY. Born in Cherokee Co, NC. Died 19 Jun 1879 in Roane County, Tennesee, USA.
  • 1845 Jul 15 Death of Mother: NC, Cherokee Co. Margaret ALLEN.
  • 1845 Oct 16 Son born (#13): NC, Cherokee Co. Jehu Chastain MONTGOMERY. Born in Cherokee Co, NC. Died 14 Jan 1924 in Rockwood, Roane Co, TN.
  • 1850 Jun 1 Census: NC, Cherokee Co. Murphy PO.
  • 1852 Residence: NC, Cherokee Co.
  • 1860 Jul 10 Census: NC, Cherokee Co. Notta District, Murphy PO and Persimmon Creek PO.
  • 1870 Aug 10 Census: NC, Cherokee Co. Shoal Creek Township, Murphy PO.
  • 1879 May 26 Death: NC, Cherokee Co. Burial: NC, Cherokee Co, Suit, Old Persimmon Cemetery. Allen and Susannah (Largent) MONTGOMERY are interred in the Persimmon Creek Cemetery in Cherokee Co, NC. Susannah's marker has her given name as Susan.

    (A map of the area can be viewed | here |

30 September 2006

Siege of Charleston 1780 and David Montgomery W4039

For most of the Revolutionary War, David MONTOGMERY (W4039) of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina fought the Tories as a volunteer, serving for short periods as needed from about 1776 until at least mid-1780. His pension was granted for service as a private from Burke County, North Carolina, where he currently resided, "in the company commanded by Captain Alexander of regt. commanded by Col Polk in the NoCa [militia?] for 7 mo. 12 days."

Since each regular enlistment was for a three-month period, we know that David served in the regular militia for at least two full tours of duty. His last three-month stint - the only one for which not volunteered - put him on an ill-fated mission to Charleston, South Carolina. The Siege of Charleston, the beginning of which was signaled by the arrival of ships from New York carrying British General Clinton and 8000 men on 1 Feb 1780, ended ingloriously for the Americans on 12 May 1780. The battle for Charleston has been characterized as the worst defeat American troops suffered during the Revolutionary War. The British, who lost 225 men, captured the city; four ships; an arsenal; and a garrison of 5400 men (America's southern army). David was held as prisoner of war and later paroled. Undaunted, he continued to fight against the Tories until the war's end, though strictly as a volunteer. David asked for and drew his pension based on the tours of duty he served with the regular army.

What follows is a chronological history of his service transcribed from a portion of the original pension application filed by David Montgomery himself. Notice that the chronology below shifts without pause between the recording court clerk's point of view and that of David as the seventy-seven year-old gives his testimony and the Burke County court clerk hurries to write it down.

I've done my best to keep all the syntax, spellings, and punctuation found in the original record:

1st he went as a Volunteer under Captain James Alexander of the Mecklenburgh N Carolina malitia commanded by Col Thomas Polk against the Tories across Broad River into what is now [Rutherford County is struck through/deleted] known to be the upper part of South Carolina. defeated the Tories & drove them off the prisoners we took were sent to Salisbury. - we were out for 8 weeks. about the year 1776. --

2nd. he went under the same officers in the same service to a place called Cross Creek against the Scotch Tories got there after they were defeated went as far as Cambleton & the enemy being defeated & scattered we returned home. he think this was in in the Spring of 1776 or perhaps 1777. we were out or in other words called on to serve a three month tour & when we got home ["the" is struck through/deleted] were disbanded as having served the 3 months tour

3rd the next expedition was up into Lincoln that now is under Captain William Alexander Col. he cannot recollect only out a few weeks --

[4th - There is no 4th listed in this sequence; the clerk/recorder jumps from his 3rd point to the 5th one (below, next).]

5th the next regular Tour was for 3 months to Charleston under Captain James Ozborn in Regiment of Col Livington [Lunginton?] in the year 1780 or 1781 but knows with certainty that it was at the time Charlston was when Charlston was besiged by the Britis Army under General Clinton. We were in the town when was taken & made prisoners of war. & I was paroled. and never served a regular tour again although I often went out as a volunteer against the tories for a short time. I was drafted this 3 months tour for the Charlston expedition I have no dockumentary evidence of my services. and I hereby relinquish every claim whatever to a claim for a pension or annuity except the present and declare that my name is not on the pension list roll of the agency of any state.

Following David's death, his widow, Margaret [Allen] MONTGOMERY, drew his pension until her death in Cherokee County, North Carolina in July 1845. Then, following her death, another application was filed - this time by William BRADSHAW, husband of David's daughter Ann MONTGOMERY, on behalf of the heirs of David's widow. It is in that part of the Revolutionary War file that our best clues about David and Margaret's family emerge. From David's own part of his record, however, we get not only facts - his approximate birth date (1754 or 1755) and location ("in Pennsylvania Lancaster County"), for instance - but a good sense of the man himself.

Source: NARA Micropublication M805_593, 12 pages. David MONTGOMERY (File W4039). See also a brief summary of the Siege of Charleston online | here |.

28 September 2006

David MONTGOMERY marriage to Mary BRANNON aka BRANDON

MONTGOMERY marriages in the Cherokee Co, NC Marriage Index
Marriage Index photo from Tn Type's MONTGOMERY album

Cherokee County, North Carolina's Marriage Book Index entry for David MONTGOMERY and Mary BRANNON/BRANDON - entered into the ledger in the summer of 2005 - erroneously records their marriage license and return dates as 10 Jun 1886. However, the original license and return themselves, available in the Cherokee County Vital Records Office loose files, both clearly indicate that the date was actually 1 Jun 1886:

Date detail from the original marriage license return for David MONTOGMERY and Mary BRANNON
Marriage return detail from Tn Type's MONTGOMERY album

David Washington MONTGOMERY (1842-1879) was the son of Allen MONTGOMERY and Susannah LARGENT. Mary S. Graves "Polly" BRANDON (1837-1916) was the daughter of Samuel BRANDON and Mary GRAVES. The couple hadn't been married long when they migrated from Cherokee Co, NC to Roane County, Tennessee. They are recorded there with their two daughters, Rachel Emoline and Elizabeth "Lizzie" MONTOGMERY in the Rockwood Post Office area for the 1870 census. That is the only census in which David and Mary appear together. He died in Roane County in 1879. He is interred in the Bean Community Cemetery just over the Roane County line in Rhea County. Funeral home records indicate that Mary is buried in an unmarked grave in the Soldier's Circle at the Harriman City Cemetery (Roane Co, TN).

Will of John MONTGOMERY, Sr - Mecklenburg Co, NC

In the name of God, Amen. I John MONTGOMERY, of the County of Mecklenburg, State of North Carolina, being in perfect health, mind and memory. First of all I recommend my soul into the hands of my most merciful creator who gave it me, nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive it by the mighty power of God; and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in a decent manner; and first of all it is my will to dispose of the worldy estate whith which it hath pleased God to bless me with here on this earth in manner and from as following. First of all I order it and it is my will that all my just debts and funeral charges be paid. Secondly, it is my will that my well beloved wife, MARTHA, have her living on the plantation that I now live on during her natural life or her widowhood, and in case she should choose to live by herself tis my will that my son JOHN shall build her a decent house and employ her in all the necessary comforts of life during her natural life or widowhood; I also will and bequeath the plantation that I live on unto my well beloved son JOHN. I also leave and bequeath to him my wagon and tackling, a plow and tackling; and I bequeat to my well beloved son JOSEPH the piece of land that I have entered as State land joining the land that I live on and a plow and tackling, and my bay mare and saddle, and in case that land cannot be had by virtue of my entry it is my will that my son JOHN pay unto my son JOSEPH the sum of £50, Item, I leave and bequeath unto my well beloved son ROBERT part of my body clothes and two sheep. Item, I leave and bequeath unto my well beloved son JAMES my blue cape. Item, I leave and bequeath unto my well beloved son DAVID £30. Item, I leave and bequeath unto my well beloved daughter ELIZABETH her saddle, her bed and bed clothes, __ wheel and £50. Item: I leave and bequeath unto my grandson JOHN, son to my son JAMES, £10. Item: I leave and bequeath unto my grandson JOHN, son to my son-in-law, £10; leave and bequeath unto my granddaughter MARTHA, daughter of WILL ORR, £10. Item: I leave and bequeath unto my granddaughter MARTHA, daughter to ROBERT ROBINSON, £ 10; and of the rest of my estate I leave in the lands of my Executors, and £50 of that money to be at the direction of my wife at her death in case she lives a widow her natural life, and if she should happen to change her life that (__) that £50 with the rest of that money that is left in the hands of my Executors to be disposed amongst the rest of my legatees as the Executors shall think proper, and I authorize and appoint my well beloved wife MARTHA and my son JAMES to be whole and sole Executors of this my last Will and Testament, and do hereby disannul all other Wills made by me heretofore either by word or writing and declare this to be my last Will and Testament in witness where of I have here unto set my hand the day and year above written March the 10th 1778 pronounced and declared to be the last Will and Testament of JOHN MONTGOMERY in the presence of witness. JOHN BREDEN JOHN MONTGOMERY [seal] JANE BREDEN GEORGE HOUSTON

1778. Will of JOHN MONTGOMERY,SR. 10 March 1778 (?1817) Mecklenburg Co, NC, Will Book B, pp 112-113, CR 065.801.22.

The David mentioned as the son of John and Martha MONTGOMERY in John Sr.'s will is believed to be the David MONTGOMERY whose service to our nation is outlined in NARA's Revolutionary War pension file W4039. Part of the strong circumstantial evidence for placing that David with this family comes from sworn testimony in the application about his birth and migration to Mecklenburg Co, NC in the application, which does not, however, name his parents.

Entry updated 03.05.2007.