17 July 2007

Persimmon Creek Cemetery, Cherokee Co, NC

USGS GNIS (Geographic Names Index System) has updated its pages in the past year or so. This site is a godsend for genealogists looking to locate a particular historical geographic feature - including the precise locations of cemeteries once you know the state. The site now contains many added wonderful links and features to explore once your search turns up the the geographical feature you are looking for. [Search page is |here|; click on advanced for best choices. ]

For instance, today I was looking for the geourl (geography coordinates used to markup a location on a website or blog) for Persimmon Creek Cemetery in Cherokee County, North Carolina and I discovered that you can now access and use a TerraFly page to do a virtual fly-over online. Explore the terrain the Cherokee County MONTGOMERY family members lived by by beginning your fly over |here| at the cemetery. You can zoom in and out with TerraFly just as you can with Google Maps [here is the cemetery on Google] or Google's free downloadable software Google Earth.

The founders and subsequent contributors to Cemetery Surveys Inc have done a great job of making many, many cemetery marker photos and other documentation available online. It is a rich repository for our Cherokee County MONTGOMERYs.

For some reason, however, a search box search for Allen MONTGOMERY in Persimmon Creek Cemetery does not turn him up. He is evidently not indexed in his own right. Allen is found [NO LONGER EFFECTIVE], however, by looking up his wife Susannah (LARGENT) MONTGOMERY - as Susan MONTGOMERY because they share the same grave stone. You can view all of the available grave marker photos in the Persimmon Creek Cemetery |here| [NO LONGER EFFECTIVE] on the main entry page for the cemetery page itself.

Persimmon Creek Cemetery Notes:

(Apparently a historic graveyard site and no longer used for burials)



Longitude(DMS) 0841036W

Elevation 1640

Persimmon Creek Cemetery is accessed off Holly Road and Hwy 294 in Cherokee Co, NC (Murphy is to its east and a little north as the crow flies).

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Rose Birdwell said...

Persimmon Creek Cemetery, Cherokee Co., NC has now been reindexed and cleaned.
Rose Birdwell
Cemetery Surveys, Inc.